Simorgh - Color Blister Inspection System

KDI Simorgh is a Hi-Tech blister packing inspection system, based on machine-vision technology and digital-image processing.

Simorgh consists of a high-resolution industrial color camera, a state-of-the-art lighting system, a modern PC with touch-screen panel that runs the inspection software and a digital IO card that captures the synchronization-signals and sends reject-signals to the packaging machine's blister reject-actuators. Simorgh can be integrated with blister packaging machines of all known suppliers, whether the machine is new or old.

Its' user-friendly software allows the easiest imaginable teaching of templates for different kind of tablets and capsules, so users are able to configure the system to inspect any product in a couple of minutes. Simorgh is able to inspect blisters with all kind of pharmaceutical forming-films, such as PVC and Alu. It comes with a strobe top-lighting system, and additional below-blister lighting is an available option which is particularly useful for inspection tablets that are the same color as the blisters.



Software Screenshots:


Videos of Operation:


Samples of the Detected Faulty Blisters:






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